Mr Read, “Today we are going to…”. I haven’t even finished my sentence and I can see thought bubbles emerging from the minds of every pupil. Why? Do we have to? What’s the point? I must admit… I sometimes struggle to answer these while motivating Year 5 to work out Roman numerals (of course…useful if you have a […]

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Run Teach Run Repeat

Step 1: Lay my clothes out ready. Step 2: Set an early alarm. Step 3: Wake up. Snooze Alarm. Step 4: Rush out of bed. Rush to work. Step 5: No dramas. Plan to run in the evening instead. Step 6: Teach. Mark books. Probably eat cake. Step 7: Tired. Go to bed. Step 8: Moan about doing no […]

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Return Stronger

The return is stronger than the setback.  Setbacks and failures happen in all walks of life. Use it to fuel your return. Capture every ounce of negativity and use it as energy….renewable energy. Once you’ve captured it, the fuel doesn’t fade. You can use it as a constant reminder of how far you’ve come. A […]

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The Journey

Our days are often so busy we rarely get the chance to sit back and reflect. Reflecting allows you to enhance your strengths and build on your weaknesses. It’s something I’ve done more since injury. Let’s take it back to the start…I’m an adult, kind of. The start of full time work really took its toll […]

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Running low on patience?

“Have a little… patience”. Wise words from Gary Barlow. I class myself as an incredibly patient individual. At 8 years of age, I had ambitions to become a professional footballer. Two words, ingrained in my brain by the numerous world class coaching dads, were “practice and patience”. Many years later and I’m still waiting for […]

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Comfort zone. What’s that?

Tracksuit bottoms on. Feet up. Film on. Cadbury Dairy Milk in one hand, hot drink of choice in the other. As I imagine that scenario, my brain is overwhelmed with happiness. To me, this IS comfort. Trainers on. Fatigued legs. Waterfalls of sweat. Breathless. As I imagine that scenario, my lips curve to the floor while […]

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Running is boring…

Well, make it fun then. I know, I know. Running. Fun. The words are rarely used in the same sentence. I sympathise completely. The majority of my runs started like this: 2 mins and my watch is clearly slow. 5 mins and my lungs are shrivelled balloons. 10 mins and my calves are bags of cement. […]

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THE most infuriating thing. It’s all going well. Then, bam bam down the pan. Goodbye progress. Welcome to my world of disastrous setbacks. I wet myself at playschool. No dramas. It never happened again. I cried on my first day of Reception. I continued to be a crier. Year 2. Wrongly accused of copying work. […]

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Ready. Set. Go

January 2017 – New Years Resolution: Get fit and run a Half-Marathon. Shock horror… I injure myself and rule myself out for about 4 months. Good Start Harrison. The only way is up I guess. October 2017  Stars peppered the sky as I clambered into bed after a day of worry. “My calf aches”, “I feel […]

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