Time to race

It’s time. It has been in the calendar for weeks, months, maybe even a year. It’s the only thing that’s been dragging your eyes out of Netflix. Your internet search history has turned into a hub of good pasta dishes. Your Spotify playlist has reached a whole new level of upbeat motivation. Porridge is your new […]

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The Journey

Our days are often so busy we rarely get the chance to sit back and reflect. Reflecting allows you to enhance your strengths and build on your weaknesses. It’s something I’ve done more since injury. Let’s take it back to the start…I’m an adult, kind of. The start of full time work really took its toll […]

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Ready. Set. Go

January 2017 – New Years Resolution: Get fit and run a Half-Marathon. Shock horror… I injure myself and rule myself out for about 4 months. Good Start Harrison. The only way is up I guess. October 2017  Stars peppered the sky as I clambered into bed after a day of worry. “My calf aches”, “I feel […]

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